Sub Metering

Why Consider Water Submetering?

How can water submetering impact my business?

While reviewing a proposal with a client a few weeks ago we were asked this question. We thought we would share with you all what we answered:

From our perspective, water submetering can help alter the habits of your tenants and motivate them to think like a landlord. The hard reality is when a tenant does not pay for their own utilities, they are a lot less aware and carefree of their water usage. Thus, by adding sub metering to your building, this will increase the level of awareness surrounding energy-savings and equipment lifecycle which will contribute to even greater savings for the whole building.

Water sub meters allow landlords to collect tenants’ energy use and provide data so they can monitor behaviour in a transparent way. At Connected Sensors, we are a big proponent of water sub metering as aligns with our 3 objectives.

Here is how you can Save Money, Save Your Building, and Save the Planet: 

It helps find like-minded tenants who also want to save money

Tenants who watch their pocket book will often be ready to pay a bit more in rent in exchange for being able to manage their own utility costs. On top of receiving accurate water bills, tenants are able to see their own data for their space.

It helps with the equipment life cycle thus helps save your building

With real-time water data, tenants have immediate feedback regarding their water bill and their energy consumption. With any big or small behavioural change, tenants are able to witness the direct effects on their bill. This positive response will motivate tenants to make simple adjustments to their everyday life from taking shorter showers to turning the faucet off when brushing your teeth.

It helps save the planet by reducing energy usage

Corporate responsibility is becoming a more important component within every organization. Many companies, property managers, building owners, and tenants like to understand their effect and impact towards creating a more sustainable planet. Sub metering allows insight into when and how energy is consumed, allowing the decision-makers to find inefficiencies and take necessary action to curb waste.

If you have any questions about how to incorporate water submetering into your building, do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to assist you. 
Your Connected Sensors Team