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What is the Best Type of Sensor for your Property?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the highest risk areas in high-rise buildings that require the most attention during the installation of a water risk mitigation system.

But which type of sensors are best for each type of application?

Rope Sensors
best type of sensor

Rope sensors attachments are 1.5m long, and have sensor capabilities along the length of the rope. This means that if any water touches any point of the rope at all, it will alert the water management system.


They are best used in areas where water should not occur at all, such as at the top of elevators, around cooling tower trays, or in mechanical or electrical rooms. They can also be used to wrap around areas of concern. 


Due to their sensitivity to water, rope sensors aren’t recommended for use in areas where moisture could come in contact without a flood, such as in bathrooms or in elevator pits.

Flood Sensors
best type of sensor

Flood sensors attachments come with shorter 30cm cables. They are the more commonly used type of sensor attachment, and while they provide an equal level of protection to the rope sensor, the water detector receptor must be submerged to alert the water management system. 


Because of the design of the sensor, they are well-suited for all areas where you require flood prevention. This can include bathrooms and in tenant units under kitchen sinks or near washers & dryers.

Water Streamer

The Water Streamer is designed to clamp on to water meters. It  works with most mechanical meters. The Water Streamer is embedded with a pulse sensor that detects the volume of water going through the meter. As such, with some back end  software AI/logic it can determine unusual flows from typical consumption, it can identify continuous consumption thus detect leaks and or major floods. The Water Streamer is designed to give our clients a holistic view of their water consumption and provide water insight at a building level.

Jumbo Water Stopper
best type of sensor

The Water Stopper  is a high/low contact that can actuate valves 1 inch or less and or send commands to large actuators for 2” and greater. It can be used with powered shut-off valves or booster pumps to isolate the flow of water in the event of a flood. 


Depending on the requirements, it can be either battery-powered or plugged in.

Mini Water Stopper

The Mini Water Stopper is a valve body and actuator combo that is combined in one product. It can be used in conjunction with water meters to offer water logic information and or water submetering data to the end user. This product is best suited for in suite water management. It is available in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 1 ½ inches.

Rope sensors, flood sensors, and water streamers all provide flood detection, temperature detection, and tamper prevention in one. All of the above options are designed to secure to the wall to prevent tampering.

At Connected Sensors, we offer a robust product line so that we can offer the best type of sensor for every type of building, and we are always working to develop more products to diversify our solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our full product line!
The Connected Sensors Team