What Are The Results of Implementing a Water Conservation Strategy?

Immediate Overall Water Reduction

Energy Efficient Solutions

By implementing water efficient solutions throughout the building, there are measurable building-wide water-savings results. In addition, there are untold savings on gas & electricity since less water used means less water being heated.

Long-Term Solutions with Big Savings

Submetering in tenant spaces will lead to long-term water savings. By making tenants think like a landlord, they become more conscious of their overall water usage, reducing water building-wide by an estimated 30%.

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Prevent Costly Leaks

By investing in a leak detection system in your building, you can help prevent an estimated 13%* of water lost through leaks. 
A leak prevention system will help you:
  • Save water wasted through leaks
  • Prevent floods 
  • Prevent infrastructure damage caused by leaks
*Source: Water Research Foundation, Residential End Uses of Water, Version 2, 2016

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