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on Insurance

In this tough market, it’s becoming more and more challenging to find insurance capacity. Buildings have a high frequency of claims, with water damage being the biggest source of loss. There is so much risk that some insurers have withdrawn from the market, while others have raised premiums up to 780% and increased deductibles up to $500,000.  

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Multi-residential high-rises have a 30% chance of making a claim each year.

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Costs are increasing and it is increasingly challenging to find insurance capacity.

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The average cost of a multi-residential claim ranges from $150,000 to $250,000.

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Approximately 48% of insurance claims are due to water.

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Introducing Connected Sensors, the water risk management solution that produces immediate insurance returns.*
Connected Sensors has partnered with NFP Insurance to offer long-term cost savings, reliable risk management and customized leak detection systems. 
• Receive annual savings by avoiding deductible payouts
• Substantial annual operating savings with exponential long-term benefits
• Potential savings on front end premiums
*When Connected Sensors products and monitoring are incorporated into the building
Ask us how you can…
  • Add sub metering to your building to lower your water cost even further; charge the expenses back to tenants, or save on water costs by finding leaks
  • Better understand your budgeting cost and trends; using our technology to detect leaks, managing water consumption and utility costs
  • Use our reporting to identify areas of opportunity for further savings around water
  • Further reduce your building risk and probability of flood with our flood mitigation solution

Learn About You Can Save Money by Conserving Water

Invest in Connected Sensors water management solution

Reduce the risk of floods to  appeal to underwriters 

Reduce the building risk for more cost effective insurance

Who benefits from SuiteGuard?
Tenants, landlords... everyone who uses the building.