Save Your Building
by reducing water consumption and preventing floods


Water waste is very common amongst multi residential buildings and very challenging to solve.

Water bills for multi-residential and commercial buildings routinely run in the thousands, and water waste is very common. Buildings always leak, and it is all too easy for landlords and condo boards to overpay month after month without even realizing it. The fact is that property managers don’t have the time to monitor all the suites, and tenants rarely report water leaks or equipment malfunction. Without monitoring, it can be very challenging to find leaks, and the cost is diluted through a large water bill.

CONNECTED SENSORS can effectively manage water usage and alert you to how water is being used in each unit. 
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85% of properties lose 35% of water due to leaks that could be prevented.

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The cost of large toilet leaks can range from $200 - $10,000 per year per year.


Early Detection 

Prevent the possibility of major water damage later on, as well as the associated costs and insurance claims. 

  • Water detection sensors
  • Smart flow meters
  • Automatic water shut off valves
  • Single pane of glass operating system
  • Real-time event monitoring
  • Seamless interaction with emergency response team
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Each multi residential high rise has a 30% chance of putting a claim through this year, and there is a 48% chance this claim will be due to water damage.
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Every building is different.
That’s why CONNECTED SENSORS provides one-on-one building assessments, customized flood prevention plans and a user-friendly platform.

Seemingly minor issues like small leaks can cause great damage and occur frequently because they tend to remain undetected for a long time. In large buildings, leaks can develop into severe water damage over time and necessitate costly repairs.

CONNECTED SENSORS helps maintain the excellent condition of your building by monitoring and alerting at the first sign of a water issue. In the case of a leak or flood, our wireless sensors respond with an alarm to notify your team so the problem can be resolved before it’s too late.