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Sustainable Water Management Solutions With The Future In Mind

Monitor your water usage in real-time to track your water waste, reduce consumption and detect leaks at the source.

The Water Audit

What’s the impact of a leak on your bottom line? Understanding the amount of water waste in your building is the first step to an effective water conservation strategy. Connected Sensors’ Water Audit provides you with measurable insights and metrics to help you guide your conservation efforts and achieve savings.

Water Monkey

Don’t monkey around with your water bill! The Water Monkey analyses your building’s water usage patterns using AI and machine learning to detect leaks and unusual water flow. The Water Monkey reports back to your Connected Sensors live dashboard, meaning you get real time updates 24/7 on the water usage in your building.


Do you know the average cost of a leak? ODEUS is a point of use clamp-on water leak detector that detects leaks at the source as soon as they happen. ODEUS gives you targeted insights into your water usage activity, helping you detect burst pipes, leaks, irregular usage, and other water consumption issues at the source.


Solutions to address water risk and achieve true R.O.I.

Improving water management and governance system by providing rich and actionable data into the hands of decision-makers and drive long-term improvements in water management.

Easy to Install

Install in minutes without the need of a plumbing or electrical technician. No tools or invasive plumbing required. It’s that easy!

No Wifi Connection

Our water monitoring and leak detection systems communicate via wireless networks to ensure reliability and accessibility.

Battery Powered

No power? Receive 24/7 smart water monitoring data to detect leaks and wastage in real-time even in a power outage.


Implement A Water Conservation Strategy and Achieve True R.O.I

At Connected Sensors we’re all about making it a win win. Our best-in-class water monitoring and leak detection systems allow our clients to achieve measurable insights on their water consumption.

Reduced Water Bill Costs

Addressing your water consumption and waste can offset rising water costs impacting your operating costs.

Reduced Natural Gas Expenses

Improving the efficiency of your water usage can lead to reductions in your gas and electricity bills.

Decreased Maintenance & Repair Costs

Using real time data to identify and replace aged or defective plumbing infrastructure and fixtures which often go undetected in a timely manner.

Detect & Diagnose Leaks to Accelerate Repairs

Knowing where and when leaks are happening will allow you to act on them quickly before they lead to costly and damaging outcomes.

Reduced Contractor Truck Rolls

Using a targeted approach to leak detection reduces the frequency of costly technician calls which minimizes business interruption.

Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Implementing a smart water monitoring and leak detection system is an important step in achieving your sustainability goals. To improve your water footprint, you need to know how and where it’s used.

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