For commercial insurance, 
water is the new fire.
Water damage is the most common cause of loss in the built environment. 
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Connected Sensors
Leak Detection Program
It's time to save on insurance and mitigate water risk.
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Every building is different. We provide one-on-one building assessments based on your specific needs.
Water detection sensors
Smart ultrasonic flow meters
Automatic water shut off valves

A single pane of glass for building owners, landlords and tenants.
Real-time event monitoring
Optimized risk mitigation
Automated building protection
Integrated tenant & vendor communication
Control is in your hands!
Free smartphone app
Quick & easy installation
Ideal for multi-residential & commercial


• Reduce risk and avoid costly business interruptions • Save on insurance premiums and deductibles • Increase speed of response • Prevent costly repairs as a result of water damage • Reduce ecological footprint

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The water risk management solution with immediate insurance returns *
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Ensures insurance capacity is available for your projects and/or portfolio

Front-end premium savings +/- 20% when SuiteGuard is fully deployed 

Substantial and recurring annual savings by avoiding deductible payouts
Recurring annual savings of 20% on general maintenance and nuisance costs

Future savings of +/- 20% with consistent claims avoidance; current rate increase recoups costs from previous year

Tenant program delivers insurance savings of up to 20% for all tenants
Substantial operating savings annually with exponential long-term benefits

* Insurance returns expected when Connected Sensors products are incorporated into the build, followed by an ongoing management system.
Save on your corporate insurance costs, annual deductible, and reap the rewards year after year.
Premium dollars earned back at year end
Rate guarantees
Renewal discounts, and more

A Unique Approach

SuiteGuard is powered by MHG Insurance Group and Connected Sensors, offering long-term cost savings, reliable risk management and customized technology systems. The MHG family of companies successfully places in excess of $1.7 billion of annual premium volume in Canada each year. MHG’s client-centred approach is entirely unique within the insurance industry; they have revolutionized the annual transaction process into a multi-year risk plan which has the capability to transform insurance from an expense to a profit.