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How Does a Flood Prevention System Help Me as a Property Manager?

If you are a property manager or a superintendent, you may be asking yourself: how does a flood prevention system help me?

Let’s take a look at how flood prevention systems can help you, the building manager.

Prevention is easier to manage than floods

With a Connected Sensors system, we make prevention simple. Our dashboard gives you access to an overview of all the systems, and you’ll receive text and email alerts as soon as a flood is detected.

Without flood prevention, a flood can be a difficult event for a property manager or superintendent to deal with. The source of the flood needs to be found, valves need to be shut off, and tenants in affected areas need to be alerted. Once the flood has been stopped, the source requires repair, and then any damaged infrastructure needs to be repaired. Repairing damaged infrastructure can be a lengthy and costly process.

Flood prevention systems also provide water insights

In addition to providing you with water alerts, our flood prevention system is also able to give you an overview of your total building water consumption. 

First, our product line includes items such as our Water Streamer, which can connect directly to water meters to provide you with live readings of your water. This can help you as the property manager monitor your water usage, helping you find improvements to lower your water bill. 

Secondly, monitoring your water assists in determining future infrastructure upgrades, helping you prepare budgets for your condo board.

Thirdly, with our systems you can consider implementing submetering in your tenant’s spaces. With submetering, you can closely monitor the water usage of each tenant, and encourage responsible water usage by charging each tenant individually for their water. 

Our dashboard also provides you with a full overview of your building at all times, giving property managers a high-level overview at your fingertips. 

Happier tenants lead to a happier property manager

By preventing floods, you increase tenant satisfaction by ensuring there are no disruptions to either their workplace or living space. By utilizing early prevention over shutoffs, you also reduce the chances of shutting down water supply, which is highly disruptive to tenants. 

Preventing floods is important for property management, building owners, and tenants. For building owners, it helps reduce the chances of costly repairs associated with floods, and for tenants, it reduces the chances of inconvenient interruptions. If you want to learn more about how a flood prevention system can help you, contact us today!
The Connected Sensors Team