Can you integrate with BACnet?

Here’s one of the most commonly asked questions we get from clients who have a Building Automation System (BAS):

“We want to connect our Building Automation System with your Leak Detection System and we want the commands to be localized via BACnet. Can you integrate with BACnet for us?”

Our answer to that is, YES absolutely. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

First, we virtually set up our system as we would for any other project. Based on the size of your property we identify how many gateways are going to be required. The gateways will transmit and receive messages to and from the deployed solutions/sensors and where they should be installed.

Step 2

Once we have identified the quantity of gateways required, these gateways are then equipped with LTE SIM cards. This is done before they are shipped so that the data that the gateways gather can then make it to the LoRa Network server in the cloud. The data then goes to our Monitoring Station/ Dashboard for a “second line of defense” in the event that the Integrated Management Platform (IBMP) fails.

Step 3

You can then install the LoRaWAN gateways in your property based on our recommended strategic location identified in Step 1. This ensures that the sensors that are going to be set up in step 4 transmit and receive data consistently to and from the gateway. We do our best to recommend placements of these gateways in areas where they are not visible to everyone and where a power source is accessible.

Step 4

Our wireless sensors that operate via LoRaWan are then installed by yourself or by a third party in key strategic areas as per the layout and design agreed upon between you, our client, and us Connected Sensors.

Step 5

Once the solution is set up, the next step is to wire network cables from the gateways to the BACnet translator. This is effectively a Linux or Windows PC with some of our embedded software so that the system can translate the commands from one protocol to another, and then communicate BACnet via a network cable back to the BACnet workstation. This is where the IBMP takes over as to how they wish the commands/decision making to flow through in the event of a flood.

For more information about BACnet and its capabilities, learn more on Smart Buildings Academy

If you are wondering can you integrate with BACnet, we are here to help you set up a flood detection system that integrates with BACnet. Send us a message today and we can get the perfect water mitigation system set up for your needs!
Your Connected Sensors Team