Our success is due to the commitment of our team. From our years of experience, we know the needs of every business is unique, and we recognize our responsibility to provide customized, trustworthy service. We have a proven track record of success in technology, property development, insurance, operations management. 

As individuals, we care about our work. As a team, we are dedicated to providing the right technology for the right purpose, every time.



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Simon Brunet
Simon Brunet pursued a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa with a focus in finance. His process driven mentality secured him a position at Assured Automotive Inc. as a regional manager. Simon’s ability to lead and effectively communicate were just a few qualities which resulted in his promotion to Director of Operations. As a prominent member of the operations team, Simon was responsible for several territories including Mississauga, Sudbury, Ottawa, Scarborough and Windsor. Given his background in finance, Simon saw the opportunity to work with Desjardins Bank and in 2017 was elected as a board member. With a lifelong dream to get into business, in 2019 Simon left Assured Automotive and founded Connected Sensors. 
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Tracy Tong
Solutions Engineer Manager
Tracy graduated from York University with a degree in Economics, and has over ten years of customer service experience in the automotive and fitness industries. Her exceptional communication skills allowed her to grow and acquire the position of Service Manager with Advantage Fitness. As Service Manager, Tracy implemented several streamlined procedures which improved efficiency while increasing profitability. Her leadership ability and effective verbal communication skills also allowed her to successfully build strong dynamic teams.

Through her years of experience, Tracy has learned the importance of building and nurturing customer relationships through honesty, transparency and open communication. She is excited to join the Connected Sensors team and apply her passion for environmental awareness and sustainability within a workplace setting,
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Adam Belnap
Business Development Manager
Adam has over 20 years of experience providing turn-key customer solutions within the B2B marketplace. As the former Director of Sales and Marketing for Advantage Fitness Solutions, Adam’s effective communication skills coupled with his problem solving mindset allowed him to successfully grow existing client partnerships while securing new ones.

Through his tenure, Adam has worked closely with key customers such as the Pan Am Games, City of Markham, University of Toronto and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Adam brings a unique business savvy and creative blend to each project and customer he works with.

As the Business Development Manager at Connected Sensors, Adam’s focus is on championing and creating incremental value for our Value Added Reseller (VAR) program and key strategic accounts. 
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Darryl D’Silva
Chief Construction Officer
Darryl D’Silva has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. His specialization is in project management however his illustrious academic background has given him the tools to become successful in both an operational and technical capacity. Graduating from the University of Toronto as a civil engineer followed by pursuing an MBA, Darryl is a dynamic leader who understands all aspects of the property restoration and construction industry.
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Vincent Germenese
Business Development Associate
Vincent Germanese has been providing solutions for his clients for over the past 23 years. With both operational and technical expertise, Vince is able to deliver comprehensive risk-management solutions to meet his clients’ needs. Vince’s diverse client base includes developers, property managers, engineering firms and commercial landlords with whom he has built strong relationships with. As a former property and commercial high-rise project manager, Vince has experience managing large development and redevelopment projects and has a strong understanding of what all stakeholders from directors, managers and facility operators require to run their facilities. Through Vince’s extensive background, he can identify the best solution that can provide the greatest return on investment for the client which makes him an asset at Connected Sensors. 
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Neal Weir
Neal graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto followed by an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University. With an interest in business and finance, Neal held several ownership positions in environmental consulting and private equity businesses. He also held corporate leadership positions at PPG Industries where he was a Sales and Regional Manager. It was Neal’s interest in the private equity space that led to his accreditation as a certified financial planner. Neal moved on from private equity and joined Max Auto Supply Ltd. where he held the position as President for 11 years until 2014 when Neal and his partners sold Max Auto to a publicly traded company. Now, as President of Integricon, Neal is responsible for all day to day operations and has been instrumental in the growth of the company since joining in 2015. Integricon has grown from $15MM in annual sales in 2015 to over $46MM in annual sales in 2019. Neal spends his time between Integricon and sister company Connected Sensors where he focuses on operational excellence and growth. 
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Desmond D’Silva
Chief Executive Officer
Desmond D’Silva is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Assured Automotive Inc. (Assured) and Integricon Property Restoration and Construction Group Inc. (Integricon). Desmond pursued a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Successfully graduating and ranking 5th amongst his peers, Desmond continued his academic career by proudly attending the Schulich MBA program. In 2016, he was a nominee and finalist for the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. In 2017, he took Assured public with the sale to The Boyd Group Inc for $193.5 million. Desmond remains as CEO of Assured with a strong focus on acquisitions and a vision of doubling every 5 years with The Boyd Group. Desmond operates and governs himself by his core values of reliability, integrity and care, which are the pillars of which he has built success for himself and those around him. It is a combination of academics, instinct, hard work and determination that has catapulted Desmond from a businessman to a serial entrepreneur.
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Robert Lane
Senior Advisor
As a seasoned business executive for the past 25 years, Robert (Bob) Lane has led several high-profile global companies from General Electric and NORTEL to Commodore Computers and Acklands. With a long list of accolades to his name, Bob now focuses his time as a business advisor. He founded Robert H. Lane and Associates Inc., a company that provides innovative problem solving and operational expertise to senior management teams. His clients include both domestic and international companies from all industries including manufacturing, distribution, utility services, computer services, technology start-ups, government agencies and construction. Bob graduated with a BA from the University of Toronto and later went on to pursue an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at Western University. His academic background coupled with his real-world business experience as given him the unique skill-set to serve on several advisory boards in North America. Bob currently sits on the advisory board at Connected Sensors and provides unparalled advice and insight into the future of IoT, smart buildings and sensors.
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Dino Borsato 
Chief Operating Officer
After graduating from York University, Dino spent many years working in the manufacturing industry in operations. His unique abilities can be found in development, implementation and process management. Dino has spent many years running automotive parts plants for such companies as Martinrea and Magna. Over the last few years Dino has held the position of Vice President of Operations and Compliance at Integricon, which is one of the largest corporately owned restoration groups in Canada.