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Our leak detection systems offer more than just what the name suggests.

They prevent floods, but they are able to offer a great amount of value through their other capabilities as well.

Water Insights

In commercial and multi-residential buildings, with so many sources of water usage, it’s challenging to track your water use.

With our suite of products, we are able to offer granular water insights throughout the building.

Our Water Streamer attaches directly to your water meter, providing you with direct water insights right from your meters. Our upcoming Water Trickler will connect to water lines, such as cold water risers, to provide insight as it relates to consumption and continuous flow to identify leaks and continuous flow. 

For a more granular approach, sub metering provides you with precise insights into the water use patterns of each tenant or unit.

With our Water Sniffers, you’ll also be able to detect if there are any leaks in the functional parts of your building that may not be visited often, such as mechanical rooms and elevator pits. This can help with early detection of leaks or floods.

Planned Upgrades

By looking closely at where water is being used the most, or where leaks are beginning to form, it provides you with close insight into which parts of your building can use upgrades next. 

For example, if Water Sniffers are installed and you start noticing the hot water riser that feeds the shower often has pin holes, you should probably consider a riser replacement schedule in your next budget to help manage your risk.

As another example, if a Water Streamer is installed on your main water meter and you start noticing an influx of water consumption, it might be time to start looking at toilet upgrades.

Building Protection

By preventing floods, you are protecting your building in many ways. You are protecting yourself from the stress due to floods, and you are protecting your building integrity. 

Oftentimes when a leak or flood occurs, without a leak detection system, it may not be noticed, especially in areas in the backend of a building. If they are not noticed, the building could undergo undue degradation and wear from waterlogging.

Improved Cap Rates

By investing in a leak detection system, you’re investing in the future of your building. You’re both improving the modernization of your building, reducing the workload on your employees, and you’re protecting your building from damaging floods. This can help improve your building’s portfolio, improving your cap rates. 

In short, our sensors do more than just prevent floods. They offer a myriad of benefits that can improve the value of your building, and make life better for your employees and tenants. If you’d like to learn more about how our systems can help you, contact us today.
Your Connected Sensors Team